World Environment Day 2021

‘Reimagine, Recreate & Restore’ is the mantra for this year’s World Environment Day.


With each word being as important as the last, let’s explore how these words played a big part in the creation of Henosis Masks.

-      Reimagine   -


The start of the pandemic introduced an urgent need for the general public to wear facemasks and, as a result, an unsurprising problem – a severe shortage of PPE available. Shortly after manufacturers stepped up to meet demand, a ‘new’ environmental problem emerged. Of course, there was nothing new about plastic pollution but the sudden multiple sightings of blue facemasks on the ground brought a new attention to the ever-growing plastic mountain, and one that could not be ignored.

Recognising this looming environmental catastrophe, Henosis recognised and questioned, “do facemasks really need to contain plastic, or can we make a better alternative?”


And so, we began to reimagine the standard 3-ply facemasks as we know it.



-      Recreate   -



Through research and rigorous testing, we began our journey to create a compostable facemask. We wanted it to have all the elements of the masks the public were already familiar with – ear loops, folded 3-ply detail & nose wire. As such, each part needed thorough research, pulling in all resources available to ensure they were compostable and have maximum comfort.


Then we added a branding option. By enabling companies to print custom designs alongside a Henosis kitemark, you know you are purchasing a premium product that will protect you and the planet.



-      Restore   -


We have a long way to go to restore the environment from the damage plastic facemasks have caused, and continue to cause. However, it is our mission to provide a sustainable, eco-friendly and practical alternative to the standard plastic 3-ply facemask. We want to help create a future that is brighter and greener for generations to come, tackling the unnecessary need for single use plastic, one facemask at a time.



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