Summer Festivals? That’s music to our ears

The news of Barcelona staging a live concert for 5,000 fans this weekend brought a buzz of excitement and huge anticipations about the return of  the UK’s beloved music festivals this Summer.

The concert in the Spanish city was approved by the government and used as a test case to effectively gauge how similar public events could be held in the future.

Here’s a quick outline of the approach used by the event organisers: 

  • Every ticket holder had a COVID-19 test included in the ticket price.
  • The ticket buyer chose between 3 venues in the city where they could take a rapid antigen test on the morning of the concert.
  • Results were sent to them via app on their phones within 15 minutes
  • Anyone who tested positive was unable to attend and received a full refund.
  • Each attendee received a protective facemask to wear to the concert – ensuring the best level of hygiene standards were met.

A great approach……apart from the last point. And this is where our attitude and behaviour towards wearing face masks that not only keep us safe from infection but also protect our planet has to change.

Just think – each ticket holder received a free, single use plastic facemask. That’s 5000 more plastic facemasks here to stay for the next 450 years. That’s from one gig.

We are super excited to be on the road to ‘normality’ and even more excited that we can provide a greener alternative that will protect you and the planet.

Plus, with a branded option – your selfies at the gig will look just as great as your outfit.

Let’s not make our festivals look like a plastic wasteland. Give back to the environment and make a real difference to the future - choose Henosis Masks.

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