Our First Clean Up

“Small acts when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world” – Howard Zinn


This year, in anticipation of Earth Day, the teams at Henosis Masks and MixologyPR wanted to contribute to help restore our planet. Armed with litter pickers,compostable bin bags, thick gloves and of course, our compostable facemasks we set off to the Thames beach to pick up what others had left behind.

Although looking like we were on ‘Line of Duty’, combing a crime scene, thankfully the closest we got to a bent copper was abent 2 pence coin.


So, why is picking up litter so important to the planet?


-       Keeps our waters clean.

-       Keeps us and animals safe. Removing those tiny bits of plastic or broken glass prevents any paws or feet from getting injured

-       Protects wildlife who might confuse rubbish for nesting materials or food

-       Inspires others. Not only to litter pick too, but it highlights how much single use plastic is used and thrown away to damage the environment for our lifetime and beyond.


Litter picking also came with such an amazing feeling of community and achievement. We are very excited our facemasks will be a positive impact on the planet but getting our hands dirty, doing our bit tomake London cleaner has brought an even greater feeling of pride.


Will you partake in or organise a local cleanup?


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