'BRAND' New Opportunities

Hurrah! The hospitality sector is slowly opening up, welcoming us warmly into their gardens. It’s a buzz we’ve certainly missed!


As we adjust to the ever-updating new normal,new opportunities are found. And, with new businesses feeling the responsibility to create a safe place for guests to return, facemasks are a big part of that plan.


If someone forgets their facemasks on arrival –and let’s face it, ‘phone, keys, wallet, facemask’, takes some getting used to –the simple option is to offer a cheap single use plastic facemask.


But, wouldn’t it be great if the mask offered,not only gave back to the planet but also advertised where the customer had been?




Henosis Masks are not only compostable – even down to the nose wire! – but offers a print option where our masks can have a logo or motif added on the cheek.


Just like ‘German Kraft’ here. Protecting their staff, protecting the planet and proudly showcasing just that. – Who doesn’t love a mini brag?

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