Biodegradable vs Compostable And the winner is…….

Two words that appear on so many products we buy but how are they different and what do they mean? Run a simple search on Google and you have to wade through a minefield of information and terminology with very few straight answers.

So, as the world’s premier compostable mask producer, we’ve summarised what’s what when it comes to making eco-friendly choices.

First up: Biodegradable.

Biodegradable applies to a product that breaks down into small pieces by natural processes - ‘EVENTUALLY’.  Yes, that could mean anything from 6 months to 10,000 years.  So technically anything is biodegradable.

Next up: Compostable.

Compostable products are made from natural materials and have the capability to fully breakdown into ‘compost’. Compostable and biodegradable materials share the same end result, safely returning to the earth. But compostable products like Henosis Masks do it quicker and better.

One hundred per cent compostable products like ours go through rigorous testing to get their certification. This means that given the right conditions, they will decompose into compost without producing any toxic residue.

So how can you safely dispose of a Henosis Mask?

Pop them into your hot composter with the other ingredients you regularly chuck in and, over time, you’ll have fantastic organic compost.  Alternatively put them in your food recycling bin. Sending your used Henosis Masks to your local council with your food waste will ensure they are broken down within 12 weeks. And if any masks find their way to EFW (energy from waste*) instead, they will be incinerated, giving off no nasty gasses.**

*Energy from waste is about taking waste and turning it into a useable form of energy. Although this can be achieved in a few ways, incineration is the most common method.

**we can’t speak for all the other materials being incinerated with them, but our masks won’t add any toxic gasses to the mix!

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