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The world’s first eco-friendly 3ply single use facemask using responsibly sourced materials, produced and printed in the UK.—

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The world’s first eco-friendly 3ply mask using responsibly sourced materials, produced and printed in the UK.—

Henosis Masks are leading the way in producing non-polluting face masks that can save lives, worldwide.

Sadly, the vital need for disposable masks for both the NHS and consumers means a huge increase in the world's plastic mountain.

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Standard single use face masks contain plastic which can take 450 years to break down, posing a devastating effect on the environment.

At Henosis Masks, we are working to change that. Our comfortable, eco-friendly, compostable masks are made from responsibly sourced UK materials and produced at our factory in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

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Protecting you and the Planet.

UK Production

High Quality Masks all manufactured 100% within
the UK.

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Our UK based company provides 3ply disposable compostable masks.

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Now for the science

The filtration grades used for the inner and outer covers have been tested according to the European norm EN13432, devised for testing packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation. The filter media particle filtration efficiency is better than 85% and is also expected to be compliant with EN13432, being made from cellulosic and cellulose-based man-made fibres.

EN13432 testing for biodegradability and disintegration under Industrial conditions is undertaken at 58C +/- 2C. 90% biodegradation must be achieved within 6 months and 90% disintegration must be achieved within 12 weeks. Our compostable cover materials have been certified under these Industrial conditions, otherwise known as “Hot composting” and are therefore suitable for inclusion in Anaerobic Digester waste streams for food waste.

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